Pursuant to the Copyright and Related Rights Act (ZASP), the company Kolpa, d.o.o. Metlika (hereinafter: the company) is the holder of material copyrights over the contents in the broadest sense (texts, photographs, sketches, maps and plans, audio and video recordings, computer programs) published on the website . Any copying, reproduction and any distribution for commercial purposes without the written permission of the company is prohibited. The Act (ZASP, Articles 48, 49, 51) exceptionally allows the use or reproduction of the author’s work on the basis of the public’s right to information, for educational purposes and for illustration, confrontation and reference in a citation form, but with obligatory stating the source and authorship of the work. According to Article 50 of the Act, the use and reproduction of a copyrighted work in limited numbers for private, non-commercial use is also permitted.

Protection of personal data

Kolpa, d.o.o. Metlika as a company automatically collects data on the use of these pages, especially data about the most visited pages, how many visitors visit these pages daily and how long the visitors stay on each page. This information does not allow access to users’ personal data. The company uses the data on visits to for its own needs. Any data that Kolpa, d.o.o. Metlika obtains in any way through the website, are intended exclusively for the commercial use of the company and the company will protect them in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia nos. 59/1999, 57/2001, 59/2001) and the Code of Obligations. The company will not pass on the personal data of users to any other person, natural or legal.

Limitation of liability

Kolpa, d.o.o. Metlika undertakes to take care of the correctness and up-to-dateness of the content published on the website in good faith and within the limits of its capabilities. In doing so, the company does not rule out the possibility of errors in the content published on the website. Therefore, the information provided through this website is for information purposes only, as the company cannot take liability for its absolute accuracy. Kolpa, d.o.o. Metlika and any other legal or natural person who participated in the creation of the website or is still involved in the upgrades of the website cannot be held liable for ordinary damages or lost of profits or non-material damage that may result from the use of the website or inability to use the website. The company will endeavour to ensure the smooth operation of the website, but cannot be held liable for ordinary damages or loss of profits or non-material damage that may result from the use of the website or inability to use the website. The company may change the website at any time without prior notice.

Restriction on the use of information and materials

The information and materials displayed on this website may be downloaded from the server by the user for his personal, home use, without modification of copyright notices, other intellectual property rights notices or other rights notices. Uploading and printing information and materials for viewing and reading for non-commercial purposes is permitted. Any other copying, distribution, republishing, modification of information and materials at or their mailing and distribution in any other way without prior written permission is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use any element of for any other purpose than personal, non-commercial, domestic use. Kolpa, d.o.o. Metlika is not liable for the form and content of websites that are in any way related to the website. When visiting and using the linked websites, the liability of Kolpa, d.o.o. Metlika is excluded in all cases.

Hypertext links

The nature of the World Wide Web and the website makes it impossible to control the content to which hypertext links from this website lead. As a result, Kolpa, d.o.o. Metlika does not assume any liability for the content available to the user through these links.

Non/compliance with the provisions of the Legal Notice

The company and the authors of the content published on the website expect the user to comply with the written provisions and laws in the field of privacy, intellectual property law and copyright law. Otherwise, they will be forced to take action against the perpetrator when abuse and violation of the law is discovered.


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